Ray LaMontagne – Trouble

Now, it’s gettin really dark and cold. Everything sucks, nobody is happy and the sun turns black. That’s the world of Ray LaMontagne. The solo artist makes one dark album after another, not a single happy track. But he isn’t one of this sad emo guys, his songs are really dark. The lonesome guy with his guitar plays really nice tunes about the sickness of live. He has no band or background singers, it’s just Ray and his guitar. Normally I’m fast pissed of when singers try to be sad and lonesome, but he sounds like he was lonesome all his life. If you feel like several days of rain and darkness, choise this one.

  1. Trouble
  2. Shelter
  3. Hold You in My Arms
  4. Narrow Escape
  5. Burn
  6. Forever My Friend
  7. Hannah
  8. How Come
  9. Jolene
  10. All the Wild Horses

Stop crying, start listening

Eine Antwort to “Ray LaMontagne – Trouble”

  1. great site, i added you to my links =) thanks for visiting mine

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