Sky Eats Airplane – Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day

Yeah, I’m back on the map. After having some trouble with moving around, I finally found the time to update again. I will start with „Sky Eats Airplane“ and their debut record „Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day“, an american Nintendocore/Metalcore Band. This will be an exception, because normally metalcore sucks. I don’t like the heavy poser guitars and the machismo in the music, but this is different. Metalcore sounds compared with 8bit samples, an interesting idea. On the first rehearsel I thought I should delete this one, but after some songs, I started to like it. The crossover idea fascinates me, in my mind the 8bit „nintendon style“ is a very soft and smooth sound, compared with the rough and heavy guitars and shouts of metalcore you have an interesting mixture of two genres. So enjoy.


  1. By All Means, Captain
  2. Patterns
  3. Honest Hitchhikers Asking for Cash Handouts
  4. Exit Row
  5. Giants in the Ocean
  6. She is Just a Glitch
  7. The Opposite Viewed in Real Time
  8. Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day
  9. The Messenger


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