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Hüsker Dü – Everything Fall Apart And More

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I will start today with a classic punk/hardcore record. Not one of my favourites, but still a pretty good one. „Everything Fall Apart And More“, their second full-length record.Released in a time before they signed at SST records. They brought it out on the Reflex Records label. It´s a piece of raw and unbound hardcore-punk, combined with sad and powerful rock parts. I like especially Grant Harts drum play. Sometimes you can hear the influence of the early punkbands and the new-wave music in their songs. I like it, because it sounds so different to many other records from this era, the combination of alternative rock, hardcore and some lightly parts of new wave, make this so special for me. Many well-known bands like the Pixies call Hüsker Dü as one of their influences. Another example for a band with a big influence of generations of bands in many genres, but without having big commercial success.

1. From the Gut
2. Blah, Blah, Blah
3. Punch Drunk
4. Bricklayer
5. Afraid of Being Wrong
6. Sunshine Superman
7. Signals from Above
8. Everything Falls Apart
9. Wheels
10. Target
11. Obnoxious
12. Gravity
13. In a Free Land
14. What Do I Want?
15. M.I.C.
16. Statues
17. Let’s Go Die
18. Amusement
19. Do You Remember?




Dean Dirg

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After seein Urbanology´s post about his 3 best classical hardcore records, I was thinking back to the days when I started listen to hardcore music. A lot of bands came in my mind, some I like until today (like Boy Sets Fire, Ensign for example), some I won´t hear again. When I was thinking back to all the shows I visited, one was in my mind, which amazed me more than anything else, the great DEAN DIRG. I´ve never saw such an ugly guy before, playin so fast music, the kids get out of control. Backstage he´s a shy guy, not talking to much, on stage a monster. So I searched on youtube for some Dean Dirg videos and was pretty surprised where they have played. This one is the best quality I found, so watch it. And when Dean Dirg is coming to your town, don´t miss it. And if you have a blog, why not start a little show-off? I will post my 3 all-time favourites during the next days, so hold the line.

EDIT: Sorry folks, something went wrong last night and the video didn´t show up, so here it is.

Eliot Lipp – The Outside [2008]

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After two uploads yesterday, this will the only one for today. While I was cleaning up my mess, I was listen to Eliot Lipp´s The Outside. A fuckin awesome electronic piece. First of all you should know, that I don´t like synthies that much, but this one is different. My first thought was, damn something remains me on the old Pink Floyd, later on I thought this could might be the soundtrack to a pretty cool RPG on the good ol´super nintendo. It´s a smooth electro record, very chilly and spacy. That´s enough to say, go and grab it. And take a look at his blog and website, and please go and buy this awesome record! Hope he´s gonna play soon in germany.


1. The Outside
2. Opening Ceremony
3. The Area
4. Best Friends
5. Baby Tank
6. Beyond The City
7. See What It’s About
8. The Meaning
9. The Interlude
10. 7 Mile Tunnel
11. The Machine And The Wind
12. It’s Time To Leave



His Blog

Boy Sets Fire – After The Eulogy [2000]

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This will may the only „emo-core“ record that you will find here. Normally I don´t like this pathetical, romantic bullshit from guys who look like Unisex haircutter with piercings. But this is different, when I first listened to this one, it blow me away. So much pain, anger, emotions combined with hardcore, it was totally new for us village kids (btw. I was 16 in 2000). So many bands tried to cover „Rookie“ and most of them failed. A month ago I found this one on the net and while I was listening to this great band, all the memories came back. I feel so sorry they split up, but after seeing them in 2003 on a big festival, it´s might be better. There were so many girlies screamin and doing groupie bullshit, a mess really. But this is the way it goes, when you will have commercial fame, you will be the rockstar for the kids. Same with Rise Against, saw them 2 years ago and was ashamed of the girlies, sittin on the stage just to take a pic of their „star“. What´s left of hardcore? A haircut? A piercing? I don´t know, but this isn´t mine anymore (geeeez, I sound like some of the old jerks…). So back to topic, in my eyes this is Boy Sets Fires masterpiece, the record after they left Eulogy Rec., with the well knwon hits like Rookie, My Life In The Knife Trade or Pariah Under Glass. Nothin more to say, just listen to it.

Cry for the tracklist:
1. After The Eulogy
2. Rookie
3. Pariah Under Glass
4. When Rhetoric Dies
5. Still Waiting For The Punchline
6. The Abominations Of Those Virtuous
7. Our Time Honored Tradition Of Cannibalism
8. (Compassion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall
9. My Life In The Knife Trade
10. Across Five Years
11. Twelve Step Hammer Program
12. Unspoken Request
13. The Force Majeure


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Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man In Babylon (2002)

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Back on the map! After some really busy and difficult times, I´m back. Thank you for hold the line 😉 . I hope that I will post more regulary in future. There´s tons of stuff waiting for you folks, so I´m really motivated at the moment to post more. But for today I will start with one record, Thievery Corporation. A jazzy triphop record, smooth comin with some oriental beats, some jamaican influences. The right to drink a nice red wine, relax and let the day past. If Marc Aurel had an ipod, he would shurly listen to Thievery Corporation, while thinking back the day. Some short words about Thievery Corporation, a DJ duo from Washington D.C., they started in 1996 with two singles which hit the underground floor. This record was released in 2002, but nevertheless it sounds fresh. It´s also a politacal duo, thinking about war and all the bullshit which is happen every day. I don´t really know in what corner of the left you will find them, I hope they´re not some typical antisemitic left, but who knows. Until I know, I will like this record 😉 Ahh, something I forgot….I will change the filehoster. So be patient, I will try several, in the moment sharebee. Because rapidshare is too slow and I know most of you don´t have a premium account.

As you know…here´s the tracklist:

1. Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes
2. Facing East
3. The Outernationalist
4. Interlude
5. Omid (hope)
6. All That We Perceive
7. Un Simple Histoire (A Simple History)
8. Meu Destino (My Destiny)
9. Exilio (exile)
10. From Creation
11. The Richest Man In Babylon
12. Liberation Front
13. The State Of The Union
14. Until The Morning
15. Resolution