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The Mermen – Krill Slippin

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Krill Slippin´is the debut record of the 1989 founded surf/psychedelic group „The Mermen“. I have a little faible for surf instrumentals, so I can highly recommend this. It´s a well played thing, with cool tunes. Listen to this, makes you feel like 1969 again, ridin an cabrio with your surfboard along highway 1. Out in the surf/psych genre there are a tons of groups, copying the classically 60´s sound, just to fail. But this faboulus musician, made something different, the quality of the guitar play, the invention of new tunes, into this old style music makes them different. So grab it, now!


1. Ocean Beach
2. Krill Slippin‘
3. Neptune’s Revenge
4. Splashin‘ With the Mermaid
5. Kaena
6. Over the Falls
7. Run Don’t Walk
8. Sand
9. The Drift
10. Big Day at the Bay
11. Hammer Head
12. Abalone Daze
13. Soul Surfin‘
14. The Whales
15. By the Sea I Will Stay Together
16. The Goodbye


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Adorno – Year One

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Ok, kids. I also thought the first moment, strange name for a band. Especially if you into the left scene debates in germany. And, it´s even stranger if you hear, that they are from Portugal, a country not very well known for their passion for critical theorie or discussions about anti-semitism. After searching some websites, I found an interview with them, explaining their name. It´s the portuguese name for „ornament“. So, that´s about the name. You see, nothing very special. No philosophical band or squareheads like you. Now about the music. It´s some nice old school, I would say, screamo (you might say emo). I like the guitar play, which is played not that straight you may know from other bands (in the moment I know no comparison to their play). So load it, even it´s just for the name, you nerds out there :). Ah before I forget, this one is like a discography, you have their songs from the first demos and their split records on here.


01. Anchors Aweigh
02. Time Line
03. Life.Love.Don’t Need Regret.
04. Theoretically Driven
05. Writing Scripts for Dreams
06. Static Flights in Old Dancing Nights
07. Virgula
08. Fetishized Facts
09. Meaning

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Country Mikes Greatest Hits

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This is Mike D from the famous Beastie Boys making a country record. No bullshit! Nothing more to say, it´s funny if you´re open minded for country. Yee-haaa

1.  Sloppy Drunks
2.  Railroad Blues
3.  We Can do This
4.  Country Delight
5.  Don’t Let the Air Out My Tires
6.  How do You Mend an Achin‘ Heart
7.  One Song a Night
8.  Country Christmas
9.  Kenny Jones (Country Knows Best)
10. Country Mike’s Theme
11.  On Your Way Up Again (The Fowl Song)
12.  We Can do This (live)
13.  The Half-Wit



Jake And The Family Jewels – s/t

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Ok, I must say that I don´t know much about Jake And The Family Jewels, I only know that they brought out two records in the late 60s. I would descripe their sound as a kind of sunny psychedelic 60s rock. With a real cool cover of Johnny Cash´s „Tennessee Stud“. A really recommendable record. If you have more information, feel free to post.
1.I Remember Cissy’s Baby
2.The Racetrack Song
3.Mother Of Pearl
4.The Tennessee Stud
5.It Came Without Warning
7.Fantasy Hymn #2
8.Open The Door, Homer
9.Crazy Be
10.At The Well



Blink 182 – Cheshire Cat

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Some bands are really shitty when they get commercial, so Blink182. This is their debut record from the year 1998, a nice and catchy melody punk record. They just signed at Cargo when they recorded Cheshire Cat. You can say there are two Blink182 phases, the pre and the post „Enema Of The State“ era. The two records before Enema Of The State are well done and nice punk records. A little bit rough, if you know their late stuff. This is not the typically white collage middle class sound, they made later on, this one fits perfect if you like Bad Religion, Descendents, early No Use For A Name or bands like that. They didn´t invent punk new, but they made a easy listening and catchy record.

1. Carousel
2. M+M’s
3. Fentoozler
4. Touchdown Boy
5. Strings
6. Peggy Sue
7. Sometimes
8. Does My Breath Smell?
9. Cacophony
10. TV
11. Toast And Bananas
12. Wasting Time
13. Romeo And Rebecca
14. Ben Wah Balls
15. Just About Done
16. Depends



Some notes

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Hey folks, the next updates will be upped at megaupload, I had some trouble with sharebee in the last days, I´m fed up with this. So I decided to choise megaupload and hope you enjoy it. I will also have your attention to my new rss feed by feedburner, simply subscribe by clicking the rss logo on the right side. You can also subscribe yourself for regularly emails, you´ll find the form also on the right side of the blog.

So be patient, next updates comin soon.


Ensign – The Price Of Progression

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And here comes the next Ensign, their last record.In 2001 they released this one also at Indecision Records.  Like the name, this one is quite different to the other Ensign records. It ´s in a way more melodic and longer, some songs are nearly 3 minutes long. But still a powerfull and blazing piece of hardcore history. Still sad that I had never the chance to see them live.

1.)“The Spark“
2.)“Black Clouds vs. Silver Linings“
3.)“While The Iron Is Hot“
4.)“Lesser Of Two“
5.)“Absolute Zero“
6.)“Grasping At Straws“
7.)“Foot In Mouth As An Artform“
8.)“Everything You Ever Love“
9.)“Slow Burn“
10.)“Never Go Home Again“
11.)“How To Bleed“
12.)“The May Conspiracy“
13.)“33 1/3″
14.)“Cast In Shadows“
15.)“Stay Warm“
17.)“File Under Misunderstood“