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Evergreen Terrace – Losing All Hope Is Freedom

Posted in Hardcore, Metal, Music with tags , , , on April 3, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

Back on the map. University stressed me, so I didn´t have the time to give you what you want. Now, everything is done properly, the sun is shining, good to update again. Ever heard of Evergreen Terrace? The Simpsons fans of you will know the name, because this is the street where our loved family lives (and so stupid Flanders 😉 ). It´s also the name of a Metalcore band from Florida. And so I will give you their studio debut from 2001. In my eyes, you can even as a oldschool hardcore boy listen to them, it´s not that „tough guy“, spike-hair metal shit. But what I like most are their qoutations of movies and tv series. But find out by yourself who is qouted by Evergreen Terrace. Enjoy! Ah friends, I´m tired of posting the tracklist every time. So this will be the first without one, because no one find mmnmj about a track searching. So, it´s just extra work for nothing and weather is to nice, to waste time 😉

Click here, stupid Flanders!