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Strife – One Truth

Posted in Hardcore, Music with tags , , , , on Juni 13, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

After taking a break from writing on the blog, I´m back and brought you the on of the three first outputs of Victory Records (which have indeed the most shitty logo in the whole hardcore biz b.t.w.). Next to Earth Crisis and the great Snapcase, they re-pressed the 1994 record of the californian band Strife. Heavy down-tempo guitars, sing-alongs and (what else) straight edge lyrics are found in this great record. It´s a pitty that I was 10 by the time this record was released, cause this is one of the most influencial records of the at this time new new-school direction. Far away from nowadays macho bullshit and tough-guy metal guitars, this piece must be in your record collection. So have fun and stay clean 😉