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The Locust – Plague Soundscapes

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Ok, last update for today, even if I´m not in the mood to write anything about music in the moment. Have to read crappy shit from Fichte and Schelling (who are as big idiots as the editor in chief of the „intro). By the way, the former singer of the german band „Blumfeld“ made some new songs. Some people should have died young, like Hendrix or Lennon or even Cobain. Do you want to imagine what silly bullshit they would make today? No? Me neither, but some of musician who had their best days, try and try again. Just to end as pop cultural clowns like Jochen Distelsomewhat. Anyway, this is The Locust a „mathcore“ (again a strange genre) band. Hard to descripe, if you like weird music, you will like this.

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Fugazi – End Hits

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On the german wikipedia site, Fugazi is descriped as „art-punk“. What the hell should that mean? I don´t know and I don´t care, but it made me thought about genres. Who the hell inveted all those genres like „art-punk“, „sludge-metal“, „stoner-grudge-penis-pussy-metal“ a.s.o.? Somebody in here who knows it? I think it´s just about music journalists who need know and then new genre tags to fullfill their boring life. Ever seen the boss of the famous „Intro“ magazine? A totally dick, if you see him you can´t believe, that the „Intro“ has such a big influence on the german music scene. Moustaches should be forbidden. Only Freddy Mercury was allowed to wear one, maybe also Tom Selleck. But no „indie“ looking fashion victim should wear one, not cool. Definetly. Ah, back to Fugazi, a band without any merchandise and with Ian McKaye as singer. Enjoy.

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Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come

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After giving you their debut full-lenth record a few days ago, I thought it would be nice to give you also their last record. A high political record, filled with the angry sound of swedish 90´s hardcore. Between the hardcore parts, you will find also jazz, drum n bass and other influences as well. A must-have record. After their last tour in 1998 they split up. refusedshape

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Refused – This Just Might Be The Truth

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Comin back to the guitar. I think I don´t have to say anything about those legends of modern hardcore music. The 1992 founded Refused from Sweden. Nowadays Dennis Lyxzen plays at the famous The (International) Noise Conspiracy, which last two records really suck. So back to Refused, if you have never listen to them, then you must have this record. Don´t want to say anything more about their first full length recorded, released on Startrack Records.

Refused - This Just Might Be The Truth [Front]Raise the (red) flag!

Atmosphere – Strictly Leakage

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After having some guitar records, we now come back to some more beats.  We come to, Atmosphere. Founded in Minnesota 1994 they are till today one of the most succesfull „independent“ rap acts. I don´t have much to say about them, the music speaks for itself. If you want to get a taste of Atmosphere, try this 2007 released EP.

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Down By Law – Fly The Flag

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Former Dag Nasty frontman Dave Smalley founded this punkrock group in the early 1990´s. After releasing 5 full-length records on punkrock major Epitaph, they decided to go back to a indie label and released „Fly The Flag“ on Go Kart records in 1999. They also released two more records on Union Label Group. There are several rumours, that they are going to record another full-length album this year. You can download one previous released song from their homepage here. Nothing else to say, solid played punkrock with sometimes a little irish touch. Enjoy


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