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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Plastic Fang

Posted in Blues, Music, Rock with tags , , , , , , on Juli 2, 2008 by memyselfnmaryjane

After some days on vacation, here’s my next post. After seein a well-done documentation about The Monks on ARTE, I searched for Jon Spencer and found this album. I’m not the biggest friend of blues rock, but this one is different. A mixture between rock, blues and funk influences. Released in 2001 to the 10th birthday of Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion, this piece is the last one in a „classical“ blues/rock style. The following records were more experimental and influenced by their passion for hiphop music. Last tip before tracklist: If you like this one, listen also to Silver Monk Time – A Tribute To The Monks, where you can find JB and 28 other bands, covering Monk songs.

  1. Sweet ’n‘ Sour
  2. She Said
  3. Monkey Rock ’n‘ Roll
  4. Killer Wolf
  5. Tore Up And Broke
  6. Hold On
  7. Down In The Beast
  8. Shakin‘ Rock ’n‘ Roll Tonight
  9. Midnight Creep
  10. Over And Over
  11. Mother Nature
  12. Mean Heart

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