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Jon Snodgrass – Visitor´s Band

Posted in Accustic, Country, Music with tags , , , , on September 10, 2010 by memyselfnmaryjane

Saw him live last year and will go for his show in octobre, check out if you like singersongwriter/country stuff. He´s also the lead singer of Drag The River on Suburban Home Recordings



Country Mikes Greatest Hits

Posted in Country, Music with tags , , , on Februar 14, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

This is Mike D from the famous Beastie Boys making a country record. No bullshit! Nothing more to say, it´s funny if you´re open minded for country. Yee-haaa

1.  Sloppy Drunks
2.  Railroad Blues
3.  We Can do This
4.  Country Delight
5.  Don’t Let the Air Out My Tires
6.  How do You Mend an Achin‘ Heart
7.  One Song a Night
8.  Country Christmas
9.  Kenny Jones (Country Knows Best)
10. Country Mike’s Theme
11.  On Your Way Up Again (The Fowl Song)
12.  We Can do This (live)
13.  The Half-Wit