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Air France – No Way Down

Posted in Electro, Music, Pop on Februar 8, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

After posting some electronical records, such as Eliot Lipp or The Thievery Corporation, a next one is coming. Air France – a duo from Gothenburg, Sweden – released last year this 6 track EP.  A nice and smooth electro pop piece.  If you like to lay in a  nice parkside on a warm and breezy summernight, this will be the record of your choise.

1.) Maundy Thursday
2.) June Evenings
3.) Collapsing At Your Doorstep
4.) No Excuses
5.) No Way Down
6.) Windmill Wedding


Your way to summer


Outlines – Our Lives Are Too Short

Posted in Electro, HipHop, Music, Pop with tags , , , , , , on Februar 2, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

Outlines first full-length LP is called „Our Lives Are Too Short“. Released after a furious single, called „Just A Lil’Lovin“, they produced a year later this hardly to describe record. A mixture between Funk, Disco, HipHop and Pop.  If you know DJ Mehdi´s „Lucky Boy“(get this one here), you will find a Outlines remix on it. Now you have the DJ Mehdi remix here. But don´t think that this one has anything to do with the hard style of Ed Banger. It´s more a disco record then a rave record. Smooth produced with features from Wu-Tang Clan´s genious RZA. So take a look at it, you will like it.

01. Intro
02. Show Me feat. Beat Assailant
03. Our Lives Are Too Short
04. Now That I’m Free feat. RZA
05. Hold On
06. Listen To The Drums [Clignancourt Edit]
07. Back To 1984 (interlude)
08. Too Much To Ask feat. Abd al Malik
09. Just A Lil‘ Lovin‘
10. Waiting In Line feat. Beat Assailant
11. Matter Of Time
12. Bounce
13. How It Should Be Done
14. Outro
15. DJ Mehdi – Lucky Boy [Outlines Remix] ( Bonus Track)


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Eliot Lipp – The Outside [2008]

Posted in Electro, Music with tags , , , on Januar 29, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

After two uploads yesterday, this will the only one for today. While I was cleaning up my mess, I was listen to Eliot Lipp´s The Outside. A fuckin awesome electronic piece. First of all you should know, that I don´t like synthies that much, but this one is different. My first thought was, damn something remains me on the old Pink Floyd, later on I thought this could might be the soundtrack to a pretty cool RPG on the good ol´super nintendo. It´s a smooth electro record, very chilly and spacy. That´s enough to say, go and grab it. And take a look at his blog and website, and please go and buy this awesome record! Hope he´s gonna play soon in germany.


1. The Outside
2. Opening Ceremony
3. The Area
4. Best Friends
5. Baby Tank
6. Beyond The City
7. See What It’s About
8. The Meaning
9. The Interlude
10. 7 Mile Tunnel
11. The Machine And The Wind
12. It’s Time To Leave



His Blog

Sky Eats Airplane – Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day

Posted in Electro, Metal, Music with tags , , , , on August 2, 2008 by memyselfnmaryjane

Yeah, I’m back on the map. After having some trouble with moving around, I finally found the time to update again. I will start with „Sky Eats Airplane“ and their debut record „Everything Perfect On The Wrong Day“, an american Nintendocore/Metalcore Band. This will be an exception, because normally metalcore sucks. I don’t like the heavy poser guitars and the machismo in the music, but this is different. Metalcore sounds compared with 8bit samples, an interesting idea. On the first rehearsel I thought I should delete this one, but after some songs, I started to like it. The crossover idea fascinates me, in my mind the 8bit „nintendon style“ is a very soft and smooth sound, compared with the rough and heavy guitars and shouts of metalcore you have an interesting mixture of two genres. So enjoy.


  1. By All Means, Captain
  2. Patterns
  3. Honest Hitchhikers Asking for Cash Handouts
  4. Exit Row
  5. Giants in the Ocean
  6. She is Just a Glitch
  7. The Opposite Viewed in Real Time
  8. Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day
  9. The Messenger


DJ Mehdi – Lucky Boy

Posted in Electro, HipHop, Music with tags , , , , , on Juni 28, 2008 by memyselfnmaryjane

To start into saturday evening, I thought it could be time for french electro. I’ve chosen DJ Mehdi, the former DJ of france hiphop superstar MC Solaar. After his work for Solaar, he made some records for the Ed Banger crew – if you know them, you know what is waiting for you – and this is his latest output on Ed Banger records. You can hear very clearly the influences of crews like Justice or Busy P, but you can also count on DJ Mehdis hiphop roots. So this piece is influenced in many directions. Some tracks are having a nice funky flow, others are more electro styled completed with the typically Ed Banger e-clash tunes. So enjoy this one to party hard.

    1 Busy Being Born
    2 I Am Somebody (Paris Version)
    3 Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)
    4 Boggin‘
    5 Lucky Girl
    6 Pony Rocking
    7 Survivol
    8 Saharian Break
    9 Lucky Boy
    10 Wee Bounce
    11 Leave It Alone
    12 Hot-O-Momo
    13 Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix)
    14 Love Bombing
    15 Bonus Track

Party hard, Wayne!