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Trio Of Doom – Trio Of Doom

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This is the only release of the power-fusion trio „Trio Of Doom“. The first and only live set was 1979 on the „Havan Jam“ in the capitol of cuba. After the live set they were asked by the CBS to record their set and so 1979 back in the US they recorded it in the famous CBS studios in New York. I´m not so deep into fusion-funk, so you have to explore it for yourself. In my eyes a great record.


1. Drum Improvisation
2. Dark Prince
3. Continuum
4. Para Oriente
5. Are You the One, Are You the One?
6. Dark Prince
7. Continuum
8. Para Oriente
9. Para Oriente


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Funkadelic – Uncle Jam Wants You

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I´m lazy and my back pains. So here are the labelinfos (Charly) for the record:

A Top Twenty album in its day, it includes the full-length 15-minute version of its deep groove hit single ‚(not just) Knee Deep‘, sampled years later by rap group De La Soul.

This is a new addition to our series devoted to high quality reissues of original albums which have over the years established their classic status. These instantly recognisable albums have more than stood the test of time and are recognised as being amongst the respective artist’s finest works.

Masterminded by the larger-than-life character we mortals on Planet Earth know as George Clinton, Funkadelic was a key element of his highly influential P-Funk empire.

Combining elements of funk, rock, psychedelia and hilarious parodies of patriotic recruitment ads, ‚Uncle Jam Wants You‘ was released in 1979 as the group’s declared reaction to the bland disco scene of the time – to ‚rescue dance music from the blahs‘, the album’s subtitle.

1.) Freak Of The Week
2.) (Not Just) Knee Deep
3.) Uncle Jam
4.) Field Manoeuvres
5.) Holly Wants To Go To California
6.)Foot Soldiers (Star Spangled Funky)


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