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Melvins – Nude With Boots

Posted in Grunge, Music, Rock with tags , , , on Februar 7, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

What to say, to a band, which is so out of every category? This is the latest piece of King Buzz-O´s Melvins. A record, hard to descripe, against all borders of alternative music, somewhere between punk, psychedelic, stoner rock and grunge. Love it or hate it, I think there´s nothing between it. So get nude, but think about your boots!

PS: When I searched for the cover, I typed in by mistake „naked with boots“ at google images. Try out, very strange and disturbing results 😉


1. The Kicking Machine
2. Billy Fish
3. Dog Island
4. Dies Iraea
5. Suicide in Progress
6. The Smiling Cobra
7. Nude with Boots
8. Flush
9. The Stupid Creep
10. The Savage Hippy
11. It Tastes Better than the Truth

melvinsFind your boots here!


Stone Temple Pilots – No. 4

Posted in Grunge, Music, Rock with tags , , , , , on Juli 5, 2008 by memyselfnmaryjane

Saturday is rock day (what a lame comment 😉 ), so here’s another one. No. 4 the 1999 released record of the grunge band Stone Temple Pilots. I’m not the biggest fan of ‚em, but this one is well made. It has the nice sound of the generation-x 90s, it remains me on the early days when I was watching and recording things on MTV or VIVA II. It’s not a originally made record, they took various elements from their past recordings, to make this one. And it worked, they getted platinum for the No. 4 record. So sit down, look bored and sad and listen to…

  1. Down
  2. Heaven & Hot Rods
  3. Pruno
  4. Church On Tuesday
  5. Sour Girl
  6. No Way Out
  7. Sex & Violence
  8. Glide
  9. I Got You
  10. Mc5
  11. Atlanta

Rock on!