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Trio Of Doom – Trio Of Doom

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This is the only release of the power-fusion trio „Trio Of Doom“. The first and only live set was 1979 on the „Havan Jam“ in the capitol of cuba. After the live set they were asked by the CBS to record their set and so 1979 back in the US they recorded it in the famous CBS studios in New York. I´m not so deep into fusion-funk, so you have to explore it for yourself. In my eyes a great record.


1. Drum Improvisation
2. Dark Prince
3. Continuum
4. Para Oriente
5. Are You the One, Are You the One?
6. Dark Prince
7. Continuum
8. Para Oriente
9. Para Oriente


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Ravi Coltrane – In Flux

Posted in Jazz, Music on Februar 6, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

After some electronical and guitar uploads, I thought it could be time for a little bit jazz. This is Ravi Coltrane, the son of the famous jazz musician John Coltrane. In 2005 he released „In Flux“, after touring with his mother Alice through india and played on the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Like his father he is a sax player. Many say, this is his best record, but I´m not so deep in jazz theory to agree or disagree, just a sensitive but powerful modern jazz record. So enjoy.

1.) The Message
2.) Coincide
3.) Variations III
4.) Away
5.) Blending Times
6.) Leaving Avignon
7.) Dear Alice
8.) Angular Realms
9.) Scram Vamp
10.) Variations I
11.) United
12.) For Zoe

Bandmembers: Ravi Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone; Luis Perdomo – Piano; Drew Gress – Bass; E.J. Strickland – Drums

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Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush – Bad Brother

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Silly Me, after uploading this and the last piece, I saw that I had them from Urbanology , so I won´t say much to this one, if you are interested in further informations, take a look at Urbanology. This one is from DJ Krus, one of the most famous japanese HipHop DJs, combined with the jazzy tunes of guitaris Ronny Jordan. Brought out in 1994 it´s still a very fresh one, so be sure to check this ones out.

1.) The Jackal (The Illes Mix)
2.) Sxxt Goes Down (But I Phunked Up Mix)
3.) Love I Never Had It So Good
4.) So What! (Tuff N Smooth Mix)
5.) Season For Change (Dawn Of The Season Mix)
6.) Bad Brothers (How Ya Like My Wheel Mix)

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Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man In Babylon (2002)

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Back on the map! After some really busy and difficult times, I´m back. Thank you for hold the line 😉 . I hope that I will post more regulary in future. There´s tons of stuff waiting for you folks, so I´m really motivated at the moment to post more. But for today I will start with one record, Thievery Corporation. A jazzy triphop record, smooth comin with some oriental beats, some jamaican influences. The right to drink a nice red wine, relax and let the day past. If Marc Aurel had an ipod, he would shurly listen to Thievery Corporation, while thinking back the day. Some short words about Thievery Corporation, a DJ duo from Washington D.C., they started in 1996 with two singles which hit the underground floor. This record was released in 2002, but nevertheless it sounds fresh. It´s also a politacal duo, thinking about war and all the bullshit which is happen every day. I don´t really know in what corner of the left you will find them, I hope they´re not some typical antisemitic left, but who knows. Until I know, I will like this record 😉 Ahh, something I forgot….I will change the filehoster. So be patient, I will try several, in the moment sharebee. Because rapidshare is too slow and I know most of you don´t have a premium account.

As you know…here´s the tracklist:

1. Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes
2. Facing East
3. The Outernationalist
4. Interlude
5. Omid (hope)
6. All That We Perceive
7. Un Simple Histoire (A Simple History)
8. Meu Destino (My Destiny)
9. Exilio (exile)
10. From Creation
11. The Richest Man In Babylon
12. Liberation Front
13. The State Of The Union
14. Until The Morning
15. Resolution