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Yakuza – Samsara

Posted in Metal, Music with tags , on September 28, 2010 by memyselfnmaryjane

For a long time this record is on my hard-disc, I never took the time to listen to it, until this weekend. I´m not quite sure how to describe it, some parts sound like classical metal, some parts very chaotic. There are songs remembering early Deftones or stuff like that.

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The Locust – Plague Soundscapes

Posted in Metal, Music with tags , , on Juli 15, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

Ok, last update for today, even if I´m not in the mood to write anything about music in the moment. Have to read crappy shit from Fichte and Schelling (who are as big idiots as the editor in chief of the „intro). By the way, the former singer of the german band „Blumfeld“ made some new songs. Some people should have died young, like Hendrix or Lennon or even Cobain. Do you want to imagine what silly bullshit they would make today? No? Me neither, but some of musician who had their best days, try and try again. Just to end as pop cultural clowns like Jochen Distelsomewhat. Anyway, this is The Locust a „mathcore“ (again a strange genre) band. Hard to descripe, if you like weird music, you will like this.

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Evergreen Terrace – Losing All Hope Is Freedom

Posted in Hardcore, Metal, Music with tags , , , on April 3, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

Back on the map. University stressed me, so I didn´t have the time to give you what you want. Now, everything is done properly, the sun is shining, good to update again. Ever heard of Evergreen Terrace? The Simpsons fans of you will know the name, because this is the street where our loved family lives (and so stupid Flanders 😉 ). It´s also the name of a Metalcore band from Florida. And so I will give you their studio debut from 2001. In my eyes, you can even as a oldschool hardcore boy listen to them, it´s not that „tough guy“, spike-hair metal shit. But what I like most are their qoutations of movies and tv series. But find out by yourself who is qouted by Evergreen Terrace. Enjoy! Ah friends, I´m tired of posting the tracklist every time. So this will be the first without one, because no one find mmnmj about a track searching. So, it´s just extra work for nothing and weather is to nice, to waste time 😉

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Witch – Paralyzed

Posted in Metal, Music, Rock with tags , , , , on März 2, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

This is the second longplayer of the american band „Witch“ (with J Masci from Dinosaur Jr. on the drums). A fast and heavy record, but not to classic. If you like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you will like this too, but don´t think you will hear a Dinosaur Jr. record, just because of J Masci in the band. It ´s a unique thing, elements of doom, punk, stoner, sludge will be found in it. At least, I would call it something like „psychedelic metal rock“ or so 😉
1. Eye
2. Gone
3. 1000 MPH
4. Disappear
5. Space God
6. Sweet Sue
7. Psychotic Rock
8. Mutated
9. Old Trap Line


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Neurosis – Pain Of Mind

Posted in Hardcore, Metal, Music with tags , , on März 1, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

After „exploring“ sludge-metal a while ago for myself, I found this one. The debut record of the american band Neurosis (call them what you want doom, ambient, sludge, post-metal etc. etc. pp.), 1987 released on the independent label Alchemy Records and later re-released several times (Alternative Tentacles, Neurot Recordings). In differentiated to their newer records, this is more rooted in hardcore or crust-punk. But it shows in a furious way, what the direction to go is. 14 fast, angry and loud tracks, if you hear other records of that time, you will hear the big difference between Neurosis and other metal or hardcore bands. So, enjoy it.


01. Pain of Mind
02. Self-Taught Infection
03. Reasons to Hide
04. Black
05. Training
06. Progress
07. Stalemate
08. Bury What’s Dead
09. Geneticide
10. Ingrown
11. United Sheep
12. Dominoes Fall
13.  Life on Your Knees
14. Grey

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