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This Is England OST

Posted in Music, OST, Soul with tags , , , on Oktober 24, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

A few weeks ago I saw this very very very great movie. First I thought, this would be another „Romper Stomper“, „Hooligans“, „Oi! Warning“ flick. But after a while, I mentioned that the movie is a sensual coming of age film. Combined with a great soundtrack (ok forget about the 80´s songs on it). If you are deeper into early reggae and the early skinhead scene in england, this will be nothing new to you, but for everybody else, give it a try. And you definitely have to watch this movie! Forget about all those other skinhead movies, I´ve seen them all and this is way the best.


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East Of Underground

Posted in Music, Soul with tags , , on Oktober 2, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

I heard one song of the record on a pretty good internet radio station (Listen here!). This is not just a simple soul or funk album, it´s made by the US Army during the Vietnam War. They made like a band contest and the best army musicians made this record. You really need to listen to this 😉 You will find also a longer description about the record in the files.