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Witch – Paralyzed

Posted in Metal, Music, Rock with tags , , , , on März 2, 2009 by memyselfnmaryjane

This is the second longplayer of the american band „Witch“ (with J Masci from Dinosaur Jr. on the drums). A fast and heavy record, but not to classic. If you like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you will like this too, but don´t think you will hear a Dinosaur Jr. record, just because of J Masci in the band. It ´s a unique thing, elements of doom, punk, stoner, sludge will be found in it. At least, I would call it something like „psychedelic metal rock“ or so 😉
1. Eye
2. Gone
3. 1000 MPH
4. Disappear
5. Space God
6. Sweet Sue
7. Psychotic Rock
8. Mutated
9. Old Trap Line


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