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Hellsongs – Hymns In The Key Of 666

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2004 in Sweden founded, this trio of musician covers metal songs in a way of chilly lounge music. You like Richard Cheese, you will love this. It´s their full-length debut from 2008, after touring through europe, performing at radio and tv shows, it was time to put out the first longplayer. They entered the swedish charts in the top 10, until then they´re touring through europe, with a big support of the metal scene. So if you ever wanted to hear AC/DC´s „Thunderstruck“ sung by a jazzy female voice, grab this one.


01. The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
02. Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth)
03. Rock The Night (Europe)
04. Seasons In The Abyss (Slayer)
05. We’re Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)
06. Blackened (Metallica)
07. Thunderstruck (AC/DC)
08. Run To The Hills (Iron Maiden)
09. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
10. Princess Of The Night (Saxon)


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Trio Of Doom – Trio Of Doom

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This is the only release of the power-fusion trio „Trio Of Doom“. The first and only live set was 1979 on the „Havan Jam“ in the capitol of cuba. After the live set they were asked by the CBS to record their set and so 1979 back in the US they recorded it in the famous CBS studios in New York. I´m not so deep into fusion-funk, so you have to explore it for yourself. In my eyes a great record.


1. Drum Improvisation
2. Dark Prince
3. Continuum
4. Para Oriente
5. Are You the One, Are You the One?
6. Dark Prince
7. Continuum
8. Para Oriente
9. Para Oriente


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Witch – Paralyzed

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This is the second longplayer of the american band „Witch“ (with J Masci from Dinosaur Jr. on the drums). A fast and heavy record, but not to classic. If you like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you will like this too, but don´t think you will hear a Dinosaur Jr. record, just because of J Masci in the band. It ´s a unique thing, elements of doom, punk, stoner, sludge will be found in it. At least, I would call it something like „psychedelic metal rock“ or so 😉
1. Eye
2. Gone
3. 1000 MPH
4. Disappear
5. Space God
6. Sweet Sue
7. Psychotic Rock
8. Mutated
9. Old Trap Line


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Neurosis – Pain Of Mind

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After „exploring“ sludge-metal a while ago for myself, I found this one. The debut record of the american band Neurosis (call them what you want doom, ambient, sludge, post-metal etc. etc. pp.), 1987 released on the independent label Alchemy Records and later re-released several times (Alternative Tentacles, Neurot Recordings). In differentiated to their newer records, this is more rooted in hardcore or crust-punk. But it shows in a furious way, what the direction to go is. 14 fast, angry and loud tracks, if you hear other records of that time, you will hear the big difference between Neurosis and other metal or hardcore bands. So, enjoy it.


01. Pain of Mind
02. Self-Taught Infection
03. Reasons to Hide
04. Black
05. Training
06. Progress
07. Stalemate
08. Bury What’s Dead
09. Geneticide
10. Ingrown
11. United Sheep
12. Dominoes Fall
13.  Life on Your Knees
14. Grey

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